• GalacticDuckX3

    Before I Begin, Must I say how AWESOME Season 2 was? Like, Seriously! They Put A lot Of Effort Into The Series~! Anyway, onto the MAIN thing:


    I wanna Know who YOUR most excited for! Personally I am for daisy, but I wanna know about YOU guys! Onto Theories, How Will They Meet?! Frank confirmed that daisy & Donald Have never met, so how are they gonna meet? I think their gonna meet by Daisy being one of Della's Many friends, and Daisy meets Donald, and Donald literally falls head-over-heels for her. Even though it would ruin my ship, I STILL KINDA WANNA SEE PENPAD >:>

    Gimme Your Character your most excited for, and a scene you'd like to see with that character in in!

    ~ Peace!

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  • MyLittleAngel

    I have to wonder how the final battles of season 2 are gonna play out.

    First it might start with Lunaris ordering his Moonlander fleet "Embark your spaceships, and set your courses for Duckburg‼" Meanwhile, the family seems to be close to their victory in the wager when alarms blare (kind of like the alarms from GI Joe the cartoon show). The invasion has begun. Penumbra tries to contact Della that Lunaris has betrayed her trust. Lunaris then says to Della and the triplets "You all know Donald Duck so well, yet almost don't understand his voice. Donald wishes to see you, he has another lesson for you all." Then Donald appears eyes glowing blue and wearing space warrior gear (almost Dynasty Warriors-like getup).

    This form of Donald might be: M…

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  • DoodleDonkey132

    Other Wikis

    September 9, 2018 by DoodleDonkey132

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