Calisota is the fictional state Ducktales takes place in. It is located in the upper third of real-life California, roughly covering the area of the proposed state of Jefferson.



Duckburg is the largest city in Calisota, thanks to Scrooge McDuck.

St. Canard

St. Canard is Duckburg's sister city, located across the bay from it. It is home to Darkwing Duck.

Cape Suzette

Presumably a location in Calisota. It has a saltine cracker factory that gives public tours, and its playground recently added a second swing. Donald once briefly considered moving there. McDuck's Lemonade is made from Cape Suzette lemons.

Notable Residents


  • Cape Suzette (see above) was the setting of the real-life TV series TaleSpin, and St. Canard (also see above) was the setting of the real-life TV series Darkwing Duck.
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