Della Duck is the mother of HueyDewey and Louie Duck.


Della Duck used to go on adventures with her uncle, Scrooge McDuck and her brother, Donald Duck. On one past adventure she befriended the Greek goddess Selene.

Eventually, Della began to feel she'd run out of new places on Earth to discover. She wanted to explore the stars. Scrooge built Della a rocket, the Spear of Selene, that he planned to give to her the day Huey, Dewey, and Louie hatched as a present. Della found out about it early, and gave it a test run. She was lost in a cosmic storm. Scrooge did everything he could to try to find her, nearly wiping out his Money Bin in the process, but nothing came of it.

She currently lives on the moon. After numerous failed attempts to fix the Spear of Selene, Lunaris invited her to live with the Moonlanders on the dark side of the moon. Della then realised she could use the Moonlanders' gold to repair her ship.

After her sons helped defeat Magica De Spell, Della saw them on the TV news.


Della is a brave and daring adventurer, not unlike her son, Dewey. Della is also exceedingly stubborn. Della was good at analyzing situations and working out how to make the most of them, like her son, Louie. However, she was known for being stubborn and reckless, leading her to jump into situations without thinking of the consequences, which is what made her get into the Spear of Selene and stranding herself on the moon.

Della is an avid gamer. Her favourite games are MMORPGs. She hates black liquorice.



Scrooge McDuck

Della used to adventure with Scrooge McDuck. She and Donald lived with Scrooge in McDuck Manor since they were kids.

Donald Duck

'I promise we'll never spend another Christmas apart.' — Donald Duck
Della and Donald grew up in McDuck Manor together. When they were kids, Donald went through an emo loner phase where he didn't want to hang out with Della, but a time-travelling Dewey talked him into spending more time with Della.

Over their years together, Della would often prank her brother.

Donald and Della frequently adventured with their Uncle Scrooge. When Della wanted to explore space, Donald argued against it because he didn't want her to take such a risk with her safety.

Huey, Dewey and Louie

Huey, Dewey and Louie are the three biological children of Della Duck, although, with the exception of Dewey, they have yet to meet face-to-face. Dewey met Della when he stowed away with Scrooge while Scrooge was time travelling. There/then, Dewey met Donald and Della as kids. He helped them fight off a wendigo and talked Donald into spending more time with Della. After Dewey hugged his mother goodbye, Della worked out he was a relative from the future.


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  • Della had two books on the moon with her.[1]




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