Template:ChractersFethry Duck is Donald Duck's cousin.


Fethry was a Junior Woodchuck when he was a kid, and still keeps his Junior Woodchucks' Guidebook tucked under his hat to this day.

Fethry Duck is the caretaker of Scrooge McDuck's underwater lab. He frequently involves Scrooge and Donald in zany adventures to show them things he thinks are cool (they tend to be less impressed). When Huey took Fethry for a scientist, he decided to become one for real.


Fethry Duck is a white duck with scraggly hair. He is about three feet tall. He wears a red beanie. He also wears a red jacket over a yellow turtleneck sweater with a thick horizontal black stripe near the bottom of the sweater.


Friendly and quirky, Fethry is a very weird member of the Duck family. Fethry is a silly Duck who loves the different creatures he encounters in the sea. Fethry is a very eccentric character, but he is earnest, compassionate, and clever. Even though his family avoid his mischief, Fethry loves his family, especially Donald and Huey.


  • 'Adventure calling! I've made a bold, new discovery!'
  • 'Then follow me, eager minds! To liquid space, the silent habitat!'
  • 'Set your minds to wonder.'
  • 'The Junior Woodchuck Guidebook states that a warm hat breeds warm, healthy thoughts.'
  • 'She's not a monster, she's a Mitzi! Just 'cause she's a little different doesn't make her bad!'
  • 'Junior Woodchuck Rule #2: All Junior Woodchucks must be open to the unknown in their quest for the truth!'


Season 2


  • When we first see Fethry, he is holding a sponge. This could be a reference to the fact that Tom Kenny played Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Fethry saying that a warm hat breeds warm, healthy thoughts is a reference to the comic Fethry debuted in, "The Health Nut".

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