'Hey! Twenty dollars!'
Gladstone Gander is the cousin of Donald Duck.


Gladstone is an extremely lucky and rich goose. He is disliked by Scrooge McDuck and Donald. Donald resents him because of Gladstone's ludicrously good luck. Scrooge dislikes him because Gladstone got rich through luck, instead of working for it. Gladstone was at one point kept prisoner by the Chinese luck vampire Toad Liu Hai.

When Magica De Spell brought everyone's shadows to life, Gladstone's shadow stopped on its way to serve Magica to give Gladstone Gander a twenty dollar bill.


Gladstone Gander is a white half goose/half duck. He is about three feet tall. He wears a cream colored dress shirt, a green vest over it, and light green jacket.


Gladstone is very lazy. Unlike Scrooge, he has no long-term planning abilities. He quickly gives up on anything he can't get through dumb luck.


  • 'Hey! Twenty dollars!'

  • 'Loose as a goose and ready to gander!'
  • 'I am the best at getting something for nothing!'
  • 'I love this kid! He's just like me, only short and with a cheaper haircut.'
  • 'I just literally can't lose!'
  • 'Good luck.'

Names in Foreign Dubs

  • Latin Spanish: Pánfilo Ganso (Translation: Slow-witted Gander)
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Ganso Gastão (Translation: Gastão Goose)
  • Italian: Gastone Paperone
  • Japanese: グラッドストーン・ガンダー [guraddosutōn gandaa] (Translation: Gladstone Gander)


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