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Lena is Magica De Spell's "niece". In the Season 1 finale, The Shadow War!, it is revealed she is actually Magica's shadow.


Lena is an American Pekin duck with purple eyeshadow. Her hair is white with the fringe dyed pink. She is about two-and-a-half feet tall. She wears green and white sneakers, a black and gray striped shirt, and a mint-collared shirt underneath. She also wears a purple talisman, which is later revealed to be magical.


Lena is rebellious, a prankster, and loves scaring people. She speaks with an attitude. She is very confident no matter what the situation is. With Mrs. Beakley and people Lena finds in poor taste however, she makes no attempt to hide her sour opinions towards them and isn’t afraid to prove them wrong. Her experiences with her own "family" initially left her with a rather jaded view of families, but getting to know the McDucks made her realize that not all family is like Magica.


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Webby Vanderquack

Magica De Spell

Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Scrooge McDuck

Bentina Beakley

Violet Sabrewing


  • 'Don't you trust me?'
  • 'Hey! Do you want to come with me to this blowout on the edge of town? Should be cool.'
  • 'It's not an adventure if you're invited.'
  • 'With my brains and your weirdly specific super-brains we could run this town!'
  • 'Aunt Magica, I'm in!'


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