The Money Bin is a large building that houses a large sum of Scrooge McDuck's fortune and Scrooge's main office for McDuck Enterprises. It is separate from his home, and is down the street from his mansion. It is in Duckburg, on the bay.


Gearloose Labs

Gearloose Labs is the laboratory from which Gyro GearlooseFenton Crackshell-Cabrera, Lil Bulb, and Manny work. It is located on the Money Bin's basement floor, underwater. Because of this the lab floods whenever the windows break.

The Archives


Scrooge's private library, watched over by his librarian, Quackfaster. Only blood McDucks and their guests are allowed in. It houses a secret museum room dedicated to Della Duck.

The Board Room


The Board Room is where Scrooge McDuck discusses financial decisions with the board and Gyro Gearloose pitches new inventions for Scrooge to fund.


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