Webbigail "Webby" Vanderquack is one of the main character of DuckTales.

She is the granddaughter of Bentina Beakley, and is a huge fan of Scrooge McDuck and his adventures.


Webby is a white duck. She is about two feet tall. Webby wears a pink bow on her head. She sports a blue and pink blouse and a purple skirt. 


Webby is adventurous and "ready for anything". However, having grown up in the mansion, she sometimes has difficulty knowing what to do in mundane situations. She appears to be easily excited, and knowledgeable on her heroes. She idolizes Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck. When she first met the triplets, she asked them questions involving their blood type and about who is the evil triplet.

Webby makes her way square — she is honest, forthright, and compassionate.


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  • Webby is 10-12 years old, around the same age as the triplets.
  • Webby's favorite color is pink, her favorite weather is tropical cyclone meets thundersnow, and her favorite drink is juice. She hates nutmeg tea (though that could be because Scrooge reuses his tea bags for at least a month).


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